What Type Of Products Does The Hairstylist Use?

Wouldn't you like to know what hairstylist use on their hair at home? what products do we use? what hot tools are we fans of? Just because these products work for me, doesn't mean they work for EVERYONE. I'm just sharing what I personally use at home, and it may work for you, it may not. With products you don't know if they work until you TRY them. I've [...]

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

One of the many questions I ask my new clients is ... "How often are you washing your hair?" I would say on average, the answer is usually every 2-3 days. There are a few that wash it everyday, and some wash it once a week. Let me begin with saying, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. It really depends on the type of hair [...]

From Brassy to Classy

Living in South Florida, every blonde battles brassy hair. Between sun exposure, chlorine, ocean water, and even shampoos with sulfates, it's almost inevitable. Being a blonde myself, I've also tried multiple techniques to avoid those unwanted tones. MOST blondes try to avoid yellow or orange tones, while brunettes have to combat red and orange tones in their hair. The color wheel shown above is a little basic 101 [...]

The Secret to Shiny Hair 

I don't know about you, but I think we have all looked at our hair and thought... "Why is my hair so dull? I've tried everything and my hair still isn't shiny!" Even though I'm a hairstylist, I've caught myself asking the same questions.  Over the past year, I played around with different colors in my hair and after every process I was shocked to see my hair was [...]

The Million Dollar Question.

How to grow your hair fast and healthy is a question most women want to know, am I right? No matter how many vitamins or secret pills they make to grow our hair, nothing ever seems to work. Being a hairstylist, I hear this all the time: "My hair will not grow past a certain length!"  Whether it be at their shoulders or a little past their shoulders, a majority [...]