Living in South Florida, every blonde battles brassy hair. Between sun exposure, chlorine, ocean water, and even shampoos with sulfates, it’s almost inevitable. Being a blonde myself, I’ve also tried multiple techniques to avoid those unwanted tones.


MOST blondes try to avoid yellow or orange tones, while brunettes have to combat red and orange tones in their hair. The color wheel shown above is a little basic 101 lesson on hair color. Green, purple, and blue are the hues needed to fight the red, yellow, and orange tones.

With the way social media is now, I think everyone understands that if you have very dark brown, or black hair, you can’t be platinum blonde in one appointment. It takes time and patience to achieve the perfect blonde hair, but trust me the wait is worth it! Also being consistent with your hairstylist is KEY. By going to multiple people, you will ALWAYS get different results. Going to the same person, allows the hairstylist to understand your hair better and better every time they color it.


It took Khloe Kardashian over two years to achieve her icy blonde look. Hard to believe right?

…okay so now some tips on how to avoid unwanted tones…

1.)  Purple Shampoo Is A Must.

Purple shampoo actually contains toner in it to help maintain those beautiful blonde locks.  This is NOT an everyday shampoo, it is to be used 1-2 times a week depending on how often you are washing your hair. Since it has toner in it, I recommend using a deep conditioner following this shampoo to avoid your hair getting too dry. I will attach a link to one of my favorite purple shampoo’s which you can purchase on amazon for $15-$20.


To purchase my all time favorite toning shampoo click here.

2.) Avoid Washing Your Hair So Often.

Washing your hair everyday will not only cause your hair to dry out, but also make your hair color become dull. Especially if your hair stylist used a toner on your hair, every time you wash your hair you are slowly washing that toner out. Allow those natural oils to moisturize your hair, dry shampoo is my hair’s best friend 😉


3.) Shower Filters Are Extremely Helpful.

One of my very first purchases when I moved into my condo was a shower filter. Being a native Floridian, I understand the harshness of our water. Chlorine, fluoride, and all types of other chemicals can make the water we shower with extremely harsh on our hair. I just recently took a trip to Washington state and the first thing I noticed was how different the water was in comparison to South Florida. Florida is known for its hard water which is “water that contains mineral salts as calcium and magnesium ions that limit the formation of lather with soap.” Invest in a decent water filter and your hair will thank you.

4.) See Your Stylist For Touch Ups Every 6-8 Weeks.

This one is a given, especially for all those blondes out there. 9 times out of 10, no matter how great you are at taking care of your hair, blondes get extremely dull after 2 months. I recommend my clients coming in around 6-8 weeks after their color service to get a toner, and maybe even an Olaplex Treatment to keep their hair shiny and avoid those unwanted brassy tones.  Keeping your hair in good condition is one of the most important factors in having pretty, healthy, shiny hair.


The tips I’ve shared are just some that I’ve used on myself over the years. Remember not everyone has the same type of hair, and what works for one person might not work for you. All in all, take pride in the products that you are using on your hair. If your spending so much money on your hair, invest in good products for at home care.

** Hair is an accessory you can never take off **

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for next weeks blog!