One of the infamous questions you ask your stylist “Do I need a trim?”. Or my favorite “I went to another stylist and told them just to cut my dead ends and they cut like 5 inches off!!!!”.

 First things first, it’s all about your communication with your stylist.

One of the very first questions I ask my clients are

1.) What are some of your hair goals?

2.) Are you attempting to try and grow your hair long?

3.) Or are you maintaining a haircut you got a couple months ago?

You should be getting your hair “trimmed” at least every 3 months, no matter what your end goal is.

So how does that work if your trying to grow your hair long? Well, how do you expect your hair to get long if the ends just keep breaking off? Think about all the styling you do to your hair in 3 months, whether it’s blowdrying, flat iron, or curling iron, our hair takes a beating with all that heat.

For those of you trying to grow your hair long…I never suggest going to a stylist and telling them to “cut all the dead ends off”. Unless your okay with taking 5-6 inches off. What you see as “dead ends” and what I see, are two completely different things. I always show my clients how much should be cut off before I cut it, that way they are happy with the end result. It’s always easier to cut more off then it is too put it back on.

Side note: I personally use a website called Farmer’s Almanac , and if you search “best days calendar” it actually tells you exactly what day out of the month to cut your hair to help promote hair growth based on astrologers information of the stars. I’ve been doing it the last 6 months and a combination of other things and my hair is definitely growing faster then it used too!


Not to mention, deep conditioning treatments are key to growing your hair out. Either coming in once a month for a deep conditioning treatment with your stylist, or maybe purchasing something you can take home to do once a week. I absolutely love the “Pureology strength cure masque” as well as the “L’Oréal Mythic Oil masque” to help myself keep the moisture in my hair.

For those of you trying to maintain a short haircut…I would suggest getting a haircut at least every 4-6 weeks. Your hair on average grows about 1 inch every two months. Although that doesn’t seem like a lot, for all of my short haired women out there you know how badly an inch can weigh your hair down!

As I said before, what it all comes down too is communication with your stylist. If you explain to them your hair goals, you can work out a plan with your stylist to either try and let your hair grow, or maintain your haircut. Also,  don’t be afraid to speak up,  we are NOT mind readers! If you want as little cut off as possible you have to let your stylist know. I have some clients who know if I don’t take more than an inch off, their hair will still have dead ends, but at the end of the day  I’d rather have a client leave happy then never come back to me because I didn’t listen. We as stylist can only make recommendations.

To sum it all up.

Promoting hair growth- at least every 3 months. With a little dusting in between.

Maintaining a haircut- every 4-6 weeks.

Thanks for reading, and comment below if you have any questions or tips!

Hair by Brie xo